the necessary ‘first’ post.


I feel as if I must write a brief note in way of introduction for this, my inaugural post on this blog. Some of you may have read my previous blog (the name of which will remain forever unmentioned from this point on), and I must note that this blog will contain content of a slightly different nature. Academic topics will be featured much more prominently, specifically in the areas of contemporary french philosophy and political theology, although there will still be the occasional music review or short note of personal interest. At this point I am also ‘planning’ on posting on a much more frequent basis, mostly as an exercise in regurgitating what I’m currently researching in a concise format.

As I am currently preparing a paper to present next week at Oxford on the topic of Badiou and Liturgy, plan to see some thoughts on that, and potentially a full version of the paper, in the very near future. Along with that I am also planning on doing some research on the relationship between existentialism (specifically as found in Kierkegaard) and revolutionary politics this semester; so expect some preliminary thoughts on that as well.

As this seems quite adequate for an initial post, I will sign off here. Check back soon.

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One thought on “the necessary ‘first’ post.

  1. Hey can you post your paper, as promised above? thanks, bye.

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