Eclectic Criticism: Call for Papers

Although it’s already been posted elsewhere…figured it wouldn’t hurt to continue the spreading of the word.

Eclectic Criticism: Undermining the Ontological, Political, and Cultural Foundations of Capitalism

April 18th 2008, University of Nottingham Staff Club

Keynote address: Dr. Alberto Toscano (Goldsmiths College, University of London)

A University of Nottingham interdisciplinary research event in conjunction with the Departments of Cultural Studies, Politics, and Theology & Religious Studies

Roundtable Discussion on Capitalism: Dr. Neal Curtis (Dept of Cultural Studies), Professor Philip Goodchild (Dept of Theology and Religious Studies), and Dr. Andrew Robinson [TBC] (Dept of Politics)

The division of the academy into separate departments, schools, and facilities mirrors the compartmentalization of the modern subject, and the powerlessness that comes through such artificial divisions. Thus, in the modern world one’s beliefs and local practices rarely match up to the aims of critical analysis. Even those who have subjected their own beliefs and practices to critical analysis find themselves in the marketplace passing back and forth currency with radical faith. This research event aims to overcome and resist this compartmentalization of the university by creating a space and time in which the creativity (and potential conflict) dormant in our eclecticism is let loose.

Towards this end the organizers invite papers at the intersection of philosophical, critical, political, and theological thought. Subjects may include the question of religious motifs in capitalism; the varied forms of praxis emerging from different ontological positions; the question of the historical formation of the contemporary capitalism; the question of the validity of religion in radical political praxis; the immanence/transcendence debate; the political and social consequences and possibilities opened by the environmental crisis; the question of what an anti-capitalist, post-Soviet Marxism may look like; radicalism beyond conservative and liberal pieties. Any proposal along similar lines of inquiry are encouraged and all proposals will be considered.

Please send abstracts of 250 words to by March 15th.

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