I find it odd and ironic that we live in a world where at the same moment I can be reading Ray Brassier’s detailed analysis of the relationship of the arche-fossil with post-kantian correlationist thought in the work of Quentin Meillassoux; whilst at the same time watching Russell Brand on television making jokes requiring the education of a 5 year old to understand.

Moments like this make me feel like an academic fraud; but maybe one day, having reading every piece of work with the word ‘materialist’ in the description of after pondering (at length) the implications of the eventual heat-death of the planet I will be able to sit down and watch the film Wedding Crashers from start to finish and rather than laugh, simply cringe at the sophmoric humor filling the screen in front of me.

I doubt it.

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5 thoughts on “odd.

  1. emily connor says:

    dear mike (!!!!!!!!!),

    how wonderful to see your comment this afternoon! (i will henceforth refrain from the exclamation points, but just so you know: my enthusiasm maintains…)

    yes, sartre. i am absolutely fascinated with him these days even though i haven´t read that much. i´ve read his essay ¨on human emotions¨ and now nausea. last semester i started a series of exisential experiments, and while they have failed miserably for the most part – i have not given up yet. i actually just went to this interesting colloquium today, and the speaker had written a book on moral psychology – wherein he does the unthinkable and overlays contintental philosophy with some analytical theory…
    anyway, that was getting really long.

    don´t you think that if all you thought about all day long every day was ¨Ray Brassier’s detailed analysis of the relationship of the arche-fossil with post-kantian correlationist thought in the work of Quentin Meillassoux…¨ that you might have some sort of fatal aneurysm? forgot sorken k and his infinite passion/project nonsense!

    more importantly, HOW ARE YOU and what do you do these days? i guess i could just read further on your blog…
    i´ll get to that now.


  2. Is there an academic out there who’s not also an academic fraud, in this sense of ‘doing things which do not befit one’s lofty career’? – even Badiou shits.

  3. michaeloneillburns says:

    true. but rumor has it he shits gold bricks.

  4. I hear he only shits the void.

  5. Grant says:

    This blog post was just what I needed to read to take my mind off of the invitation I received in my museum mailbox today.


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