hegel on being.

Just read this Hegel quote, really interesting stuff, makes me excited for the Hegel reading group we should be starting in the next few weeks.

Pure being and pure nothing are, therefore, the same. What is the truth is neither being nor nothing, but that being-does not pass over but has passed over-into nothing, and nothing into being. But it is equally true that they are not undistinguishable from each other, that, on the contrary, they are not the same, that they are absolutely distinct, and yet that they are un-separated and inseperable and that each immediately vanishes into its opposite. Their truth is, therefore, this movement of the immediate vanishing of the one into the other: becoming, a movement in which both are distinguished, but by a difference that has equally immediately resolved itself.”

Hegel, Science of Logic, section 1., Ch. 1.

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2 thoughts on “hegel on being.

  1. Keith Giles says:


    Hey, I’ve got a philosophical question for you.

    If you’ve got the time to answer something for me (it’s about whether or not all human actions are ultimately based on selfishness or not), I’d love to hear your perspective.

    Hit me up via email at “elysiansky” at hotmail when you can.


  2. Eric Lee says:

    I just re-read Conor’s chapter on Hegel — really good stuff. This aspectual difference gets kind of mind-numbing after a while!

    What all will you be reading in your reading group? I think Ben K. is in there with you?



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