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So I’ve already completed my phd application; but tomorrow I have to submit the separate funding application. Whereas I used about 500 words for my research proposal in my phd application, there is a strict limit of 200 words (?!?) for the funding application; here is what I have thus far. Any thoughts in the next 14 hours or so very much appreciated…


My proposed research program will consist of an examination of the influence that Søren Kierkegaard’s mix of theology and philosophy has had within recent re-considerations of truth and the subject in contemporary French philosophy; specifically as found in the work of Alain Badiou and Michel Henry. The work will shed new light on the way in which contemporary theories of truth and the subject were foreshadowed two centuries earlier in the radical ‘anti-philosophy’ of Kierkegaard’s religious thought.
The research will include a critical examination of the previously unrecognized influence of Kierkegaard in the work of Alain Badiou; paying special attention to Badiou’s engagement with Kierkegaard in the yet to be translated Logiques des Mondes. The influence of Kierkegaard will be traced through Badiou’s primary French influences, Sartre, Lacan, and Deleuze.
The work will also contain the first ever commentary on the relationship between Kierkegaard and Henry. Working with primarily un-translated texts, this aspect of the research will focus on the efficacy of religious concepts for philosophical considerations.
Currently, no works exist containing any substantial engagement with the work of these thinkers, and thus this research will be the first to provide original insight on the relationship found within their work.

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3 thoughts on “funding proposal

  1. Can I point out a grammatical/stylistic thing? You’re using the passive voice a lot – which might be intentional, or it might not.

    But I think more active sentences (I will trace the influence of Kierkegaard through Badiou’s primary… Working with primarily un-translated texts, I will consider the efficacy of religious… I will provide original insight on the relationship…) might be worth considering – they make you sound more kickass.

    To whatever extent I’m qualified to comment on the content, it looks good. I assume the admission application asked for why you wanted to do the research here, but since the ORS people don’t look at that application (at least as far as I know) it might also be worthwhile to consider making the case for or – i know you don’t have all the space in the world – at least mentioning that Conor and Philip are the only people in the world who can support this research correctly, or that the atmosphere of the dept is generally supportive or conducive to the kind of work that you’ll need to do, etc.

  2. Alex says:

    Too late now, but ditto on the active/passive voice thing – which I think I pointed out in my e-mail to you on this.

  3. augustinian says:

    For background research rather than proposal: it turns out that Foucault was a big reader of Kierkegaard, thought you’d never guess it. Apart from the underlying concern with obedience.

    When you get the research funding you patently should: there’s a book by a guy called Marius Mjaaland on Kierkegaard and Derrida (and death/self). At the mo it’s only available in Norwegian, but I think it’s being translated. Probably good Aunt Sally material.

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