florida and michigan.

and things keep getting worse…

today both florida and michigan have attempted to regain their democratic delegates after losing the privilege due to scheduling their primaries too early. this deadline was voted on by the DNC (including votes from michigan and florida) but both states subsequently violated what they’d previously agreed on, thus invalidating their delegates votes; thus why the only democrat who campaigned in either state was Hilary, who awkwardly celebrated her delegate-less ‘victory’ in michigan. (this even more ridiculous considering obama agreed to not even put his name on the ballot)

why would they now try to get delegates? here is my humble opinion. Florida’s governor Charlie Crist (republican) is aware that Florida’s large delegate count could easily clinch the nomination for Hilary; and he is also aware that Hilary being nominated is the only way the republicans have a chance to keep the white house. It’s common knowledge that Obama and McCain are the two candidates capable of getting independent votes, and if Hilary is nominated then a large number of independents will switch their support from Obama to McCain.

this new plan is completely ridiculous and unfair. Crist is trying to plea that the ‘people’s votes be heard’; but if he gave a crap about his state’s votes being considered then he should have just stuck with the rules layed out by the DNC in the first place. This is clearly more republican trickery to do whatever it takes to remain in control.

situations like this make me wonder ever more how anyone who truly wants the republicans out of the white house could support Hilary. it’s obvious that if Obama is nominated he will most likely end up in the white house, and it’s equally as obvious that if Hilary is nominated then McCain has a fair chance of being elected.

i really hope that florida and michigan’s ridiculous request isn’t honored.

click here for the cnn story


Still aren’t convinced that Hilary is going to ruin the election?
click here for proof.

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3 thoughts on “florida and michigan.

  1. Grant says:

    Hillary isn’t going to ruin the election – Obama being unable to handle direct questioning is gonna ruin the election.

    Also, rumor has it that Crist is a big fat Mary. Just thought you’d like to know.

  2. Damn son, how much is she paying you to shill for her on blogs? Clinton is pretty fucking evil and her use of Bush-style legal wrangling to “win” the nomination is but one manifestation. I’m slightly shocked you like her, but I fear it has more to do with bad-ass-itis than real, substantial issues. That is to say, I think you only like her because your dislike of Obama (‘s supporters) is pushing you that way.

  3. Thom says:

    Hey, I didn’t see a contact or e-mail link on your site so I a just leaving a note here. I responded to your comment on the Caputo review with a few questions. I could tell you disagreed with the book, and since you seem to be reading philosophy and theology I was wondering what specific authors and approaches you preferred. Please feel free to leave a comment in reply.

    Thanks for reading Everyday Liturgy!

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