reclaiming liberation theology

One of my professors made me aware of a new series coming out with SCM Press titled ‘reclaiming liberation theology’. One of the titles in particular, Beyond Liberation Theology , looks particularly interesting. Supposedly the author develops a new framework for liberation theology, that “instead of succumbing to the fashionable identity politics that rules liberationist discourse, places poverty at the forefront of concern”.

I am really hopeful that a series such as this could breathe some fresh life into the discourse surrounding liberation theology, and I’m especially hopeful for a liberation theology that moves past ‘identity politics’ and outside of liberal discourse. Maybe I’m still just young and idealistic, but I think that many mainstream political theologians could use a healthy dose of latin american liberation theology in their work, rather than just dismissing it as the work of angry catholic revolutionaries. It’ll also be interesting to see if this new series engages much with marxism, or instead plays it ‘safe’ to not scare western liberals away.

If my universities library gets these titles anytime soon i’ll be sure to let you know.

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One thought on “reclaiming liberation theology

  1. michael says:

    I’m reading that book right now… So far so good. Definitely an important book for U.S. liberation theologians to read.

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