dumbest thing i have ever read


10 thoughts on “wow

  1. Alex says:

    What the fuck! At least Rowan is sticking it to both US Imperialism and the past of British Imperialism.

    But you are forgetting that the central message of Jesus Christ is “make sure you keep the gays down”. Its in the beatitudes isn’t it: blessed are the gay bashers they will be liked by god a great deal?

  2. Just to be clear – is it the Archbishop’s comments or the blog post which is stupid?

  3. Alex says:

    Blog obviously.

  4. Grant says:

    On behalf of all of “the gays”, I’d like to take you all to brunch to make up for destroying the Anglican communion.

    You just have to fly to Los Angeles to get it.

  5. Okay, I had only given it a cursory read (it’s unusual that something billed as stupid is worth more than that) but on my first reading, I wasn’t entirely sure the guy was entirely wrong.

    He has, I think, a certain point (although not made very well) in that Williams is oddly sure of himself on the political front, given his (entirely understandable) backing down from his pre-Archbishop views on sexuality.

    This is not of course to say that the blog post is right, but I don’t think it’s quite so risible as it’s being made here: after all, Grant’s hilarious comment (1) points to the uneasy place that sexuality has, by necessity I think, in pretty much any public discussion of Anglicanism, and (2) makes me hungry for brunch.

    (Although the title, at least, is pretty funny – one senses that the question is meant to be ironic and answered in the negative).

  6. It doesn’t seem to follow that because you have confusion in one area, homosexuality, that your moral judgment concerning another, pre-emptive war, also suffers confusion. The homosexuality thing, while I disagree with Rowan pussing out and giving into the evangelicals so early into his tenure, has been a matter of church controversy for quite a long time. While condemnation of war has not shared the same controversy. During the First Gulf War then Pres George Herbert Walker Bush, an Episocpalian, called then called the then newly ordained Archbishop Carey for a statement of support. Carey refused and so Bush asked the head of the Southern Baptist Convention who was happy to give his support. It seems that in these matters Canterbury has had a consistent line, at least in the last 20 years, which is not present on the issue of homosexuality.

  7. …and now we’ve all officially spent too much time on this. But thanks and of course you’re right.

  8. Nice blog Michael; now I have another to keep up on (I found you via links form your comments at La Perruque).


  9. chrissiwright says:

    yes we better hurry up and keep the homosexuals from destroying any more lives! only once we’ve fixed this destructive, cruel, and hateful crime and its tremendous cost in human lives can we comment on the private personal choice of starting wars with small countries. Priorities, people!
    (please understand my sarcasm. please. please.)

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