why i may never go back to America…

note the anger on the guy in the bottom right corners face. and the ‘brilliant’ poignancy of his sign. sigh.

One thought on “why i may never go back to America…

  1. Jack says:

    Here’s another reason never to go back to America or at least go back and fight against our poor decisions. This link takes you to an article about the percentage of GDP/GDI by the U.S. and how it is perceived that America does more than it’s fair share in the world. Well, we do our fair share in defense spending but not in actual aid.


    And this website shows how in reality, the richest countries are actually failing in meeting their U.N. agreed upon percentage of GDI/GDP that is to be given for worldwide development. We’re supposed to be at 0.7%. The U.S. is under 0.2%.


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