Bosteels, Badiou, and Liberation

This is how we should strain to read Badiou. Every logical and ontological operation, however formal it may well seem to be, must thus be related against the grain to the experiential  core that conditions it, and vice versa” (Bruno Bosteels, Post-Maoism: Badiou and Politics, p.596)

With this comment, not only does Bosteels point to the inseparable relationship between ontological and political operations in the work of Badiou; he also sets us up with a paradigm for (philosophically) reading liberation theology. Thus, when reading the work of the liberationists one should strain to remember that no matter how practical (or sociological) their work may appear; it must always be related, against the grain, to the ontological structure which conditions it.

This way of reading liberation theology has been framing the early stages of my research and has already allowed me to see the metaphysical deficiencies which have led to more drastic political difficulties in much of what liberation theology has offered.


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