Laurelle…in Rome??

Well, according to the updated conference poster, the internet sensation Francois Laruelle will be presenting at the Grandeur of Reason conference in Rome this September. Although many on the interweb were quite skeptical about this conference intially, we now have a speculative realism panel (featuring Grant and Meillassoux), a presentation by Francois Laurelle, as well as Zizek, Agamben, John Mullarkey, and James Williams. Should be a great time, and hopefully those of us attending will have the common sense to get some audio/video/notes and post them on the internets soon afterwards.


4 thoughts on “Laurelle…in Rome??

  1. Eric Lee says:

    Nice: I just updated that last night. I’m glad somebody took notice 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    Has any one noticed that the magnificent sculpture on the advertisement/poster for this babble-fest looks very much like the Tower of Babel.

  3. John says:

    Dear Michael,
    How was the conference in Rome?
    Any details on the speculative realism panel would be much appreciated.


  4. Dan says:

    Michael, I wish to ask the same question as that stated above and to talk to you some day soon as I love and miss you. I am also very eager to find out if any one did get any audio/video/notes from the conference.

    Dan Olson

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