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One thought on “what I’ve been up to…

  1. Daniel says:

    Did you paint that? Very impressive if so… Who is it, and what is the meaning, if any, of the painting?

    Anyways, I just wanted to say hi, I came to your blog via your comments on Keith’s subversive blog. After reading your latest comment it’s apparent that I really offended you by calling the Catholic Church a cult. I’m sorry that my comment felt like a personal attack on you. I can assure you that it wasn’t aimed at any individual within the Catholic church, just as none of the things that Keith or anyone like myself (who are advocating that the Bible teaches a non-hierarchical approach to being the church) are directed at any individuals in the conventional church as a whole. It is not about individuals, it is about the traditions, teachings, and practices themselves, which are measured solely by how they compare to what Jesus, and the apostles, taught.

    My comment about the Catholic church wasn’t the result of having had any bad experiences with Catholics at all, (all the ones I’ve known have actually been very nice people), but is a simple conclusion that I’ve been unable to avoid after looking at many of the things taught and practiced by the Catholic church. I have a hard time not seeing how things like administering last rites, being required to attend a mass, an official Priesthood, confession, praying to Mary, etc. comprise a very real and destructive roadblock to people coming to Christ and relying on his work on the cross alone. I am no way doubting the sincerity of many of those who believe that this system is a viable way of expressing their faith. However, I don’t think that is the issue to be questioned. The real issue is, How are we forgiven? Can we simply come to Christ in faith? Or do we need a whole new combination of things to serve as a mediator between us and God, just as there was before Jesus died. (As in the temple, priests, sacreficial system, etc.) If Christ’s death effectively destroyed the need for those things, why on earth should we endeavor to reacreate those yokes all over again, only in the name of Christ?

    Sorry you took my comments personally. It was not intended that way. Thanks for being so level-headed and composed in your dialoguing with Keith, that’s a rare thing to find (I don’t always use as much restraint as I should, that’s for sure)….

    In Christ, Daniel

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