the essential zizek…really?

As much as I hate to admit it, I’m actually looking forward to Verso’s release of The Essential Zizek, a four volume set consisting of Zizek’s four ‘key’ works. Although it seems a bit soon for there to be such a thing as ‘essential zizek’ collections, I still can’t be completley negative towards the idea because the covers are so damn attractive. Also, at a price of $47.25 when ordered from amazon, it’s really not a bad deal. If only they were released in time for the holidays, it’d be a great stocking stuffer, and the color scheme would go well with Christmas decorations…


2 thoughts on “the essential zizek…really?

  1. Grant says:

    Ooh! Those look so pretty!

  2. augustinian says:

    The Radical Thinkers series is also a little early in its canonisation. I’m still ambiguous about it: does anyone get the impression we are having our own tradition marketed back to us? We could call it the commodification of the secular magisterium or something. Dammit, I’m writing an RO article…

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