a return; an explanation of absence .

It has been quite some time since I’ve posted here, and I’m aware that the longer one goes without updating their blog, the lesser the chance of readers returning with any regularity; so for anyone still occassionaly coming here expecting some much needed content, apologies.

The reason for this ‘sabbatical’ of sorts has been a month long stay (back) in the states in which I’ve done almost no academic work whatsoever, the exception being two afternoons spent reading Michel Henry and Karl Marx and a coffee shop I later found out was owned by an odd group of evangelical wiccans. At first I was feeling quite guilty for this long break from academic ‘production’, but upon further reflection I became more content with it, as I feel like I may have earned it to some extent. Since finishing my undergraduate degree in May 2007, I’ve spent an entire summer reading, jumped into a one year M.A. program which was filled with non-stop work, and then had my first phd supervision only minutes after submitting my M.A. dissertation; thus, I haven’t had any sort of ‘real’ break in over a year and a half, and although part of my feels like when I’m not involved in some sort of quantifiable academic production I’m ‘wasting’ time; I think there has been quite a bit of value in resting physically and mentally, eating and drinking more than usual, and spending time with family and friends I haven’t seen in over a year. I’ve also enjoyed the occasionally pointless drive and top chef marathon.

All of this said, I return to Scotland in less than 48 hours and am jumping into a clusterfuck of work of all sorts. This clusterfuck includes (but is not limited to) a website which was supposed to be finished and online a month ago, a paper to be submitted for the SPEP conference, abstracts for a couple conferences back in the states, a 45 minute presentation/paper to be given in my department, two book reviews which are absurdly over-due, and tons of reading I was ‘going to get done’ during my month in the states. Although seemingly overwhelming, I’m sure the weather in Dundee will leave chance for little more than working and drinking, and I plan to spend a lot of time doing each.

On top of all of that, I hope to once again take advantage of the blogging medium to throw out some ideas and problems with this upcoming work, so please come back if you please, as posting will re-commenence in the very near future. and until then, I’m sure everyone can stay entertain by Graham Harman’s blogging storm.


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