on endorsements and logics of worlds.

a question…

why the hell did continuum have Joan Copjec write the only endorsement feature on the cover of Logics of Worlds? On the continuum website they have a lengthy, and appropriate, endorsement from Peter Hallward, who is, you know, a philosopher, and whom is more or less the english language Badiou expert; why the hell wouldn’t they put that on the published book? I mean, who working on continental philosophy (esp. the materialist strand) thinks of Joan Copjec as someone important?

Maybe I’m just missing something…


3 thoughts on “on endorsements and logics of worlds.

  1. Lacanians. I’m pretty sure she was Gillespie’s adviser too and had quite a bit to do with Badiou first coming out in English. Keep in mind too that Hallward has a PhD in French so the “philosopher” title shouldn’t really be limited to where you got your PhD from or where you teach.

  2. michaeloneillburns says:

    i feel you.

    but…hallward is at least a professor of philosophy who writes philosophy books and teaches philosophy classes.

    copjec teaches film and literature.

    but…i appreciate that she helped get the badiou train running in the states.

  3. Eric Lee says:

    Having dealt with these things myself, one plausible answer is that Hallward’s blurb may not have come in time for press. But, considering the book was already delayed as it was, I’m not sure. But it’s usually more banal things like that.

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