a necessary distinction.

Just a thought. I think a distinction should be made between two sorts of people who are all over academia:

The Procrastinator, and the Lazy ass.

Whereas these two are often conflated, I think the distinction is crucial. One who procrastinates does (or, can) still work very hard and produce a very high quality of work. The main problem being that they usually have near panic attacks every time deadlines approach, but are willing to go nights without sleeping or cancel days worth of social activities to produce work they are proud of. I usually tend to fall into this.

Lazy people on the other hand, do not work hard. They do the absolute least amount of work to get by, and more often then not end up producing sub-standard work, and getting by on the merits of being good talkers, or sometimes (as Graham has pointed out on his blog recently) simply by being hyper-critical of the work of others.  Lazy people can sometimes be fun people to talk to, or decent friends, but intellectually they will always fail to produce good work.

Lazy people really piss me off, especially when they get in the way of people who actually work hard, even if much of this hard work takes place in an intense and last minute period of time.

Apologies for the rant, but it was needed.


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