Conference in London later this month

(lots of dundee people. hopefully we make our department look good!)



23 June 2009

Registration for this event is now open: please contact Simon Choat
( to register. Registration and attendance are

Programme details below. All papers will take place in Room 3.28,
Francis Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus, Mile End Road, London.


9:00am  Registration

9:30am  Panel 1: Immanence, Transcendence, Ontology (Chair: Simon Choat)

Michael O’Neill Burns (University of Dundee): ‘The Life of
Materialism: Politics between Concept and Affect’

Brian Smith (University of Dundee): ‘Extending Badiou’s
Mathematical Materialism to Account for Real Change: Beyond the
Transcendence/Immanence Dichotomy’

Paul Rekret (Queen Mary, London): ‘Derrida, Foucault, Immanence,

11:10am Tea Break

11:30am Panel 2: Marx, Materialism, Immanence (Chair: Alberto Toscano)

Nicole Pepperell (RMIT University, Melbourne): ‘What’s the Matter
with Marx? Notes on Marx’s Immanent Critique of Materialism’

Vidar Thorsteinsson (Reykjavik Academy): ‘Materialism’s Cognitive Edge’

Francesca Manning (CUNY): ‘Capital as Axiomatic within Spinoza’s
Communist Ontology’

1:10pm  Lunch Break

2:15pm  Panel 3: Philosophy, Politics, Praxis (Chair: James Williams)

Matteo Mandarini (Queen Mary, London): ‘The Fate of Politics’

Duncan Law: ‘Two Ontologies of Materialism: from Non-Philosophy to
Non Philosophy’

Michael Goddard (University of Salford): ‘Misrecognising
Immanence: Towards a Critique of the Anti-Deleuzian Strategies of
Badiou, Zizek and Hallward’

3.55pm  Tea Break

4:15pm  Keynote Address (Chair: Caroline Williams)

James Williams (University of Dundee)

Alberto Toscano (Goldsmiths, London): ‘Immanence Unframed:
Secularization, Enlightenment, Fanaticism’


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