Conference Announcement

Well, seeing as his new book is being published as we speak, I figured it was as good a time as any to make a ‘Harman related’ announcement I’ve been holding back for a while.

Although we’re still a ways off, I’d like to give everyone a heads up on a conference we’ll be holding at the University of Dundee next March called:

‘Real Objects, or, Material Subjects? A Conference on Continental Metaphysics’

Which will feature keynote presentations from Graham Harman and Adrian Johnston. I am still working on arranging one more (very good) keynote speaker, but it’s still too uncertain to announce anything. The conference will take place over two days and we’ll soon be putting out a call for papers. It’d be great to have some of those involved in recent ‘interweb’ debates on these matters show up in person and contribute to what will hopefully be a lively and important weekend of philosophical debate. Also, there are early talks on having selected papers from the conference published in a wonderful journal (which will for the time being go un-named).

So, mark your calenders for 27-28 March 2010. It will be great to see Harman and Johnston go ‘head to head’ on these issues, especially as Graham has already come up with the title “I Am Also of the Opinion That Materialism Must Be Destroyed” for his presentation. Should be fun.


4 thoughts on “Conference Announcement

  1. reidkane says:

    Hope I can make it, and maybe even contribute!

  2. ZSDP says:

    If I start feeling particularly cool sometime soon, I may attempt to produce a contribution, too—but first I’ve got to pull myself out of this hole and catch up to you guys!

  3. michaeloneillburns says:

    it’d be great to see both of you there. and ZSDP, I wouldn’t worry about it, everyone is always catching up, and many of those who seem to be up with everything ‘current’ turn blank when being faced with discussion of historical figures (kant, hegel, etc), so don’t worry about it!

  4. ZSDP says:

    Thanks. You guys (Michael, Reid, Levi, Graham, etc.) have all been really encouraging and helpful to me as I attempt to feel more sure of myself. It’s been a really nice contrast to the analytic program I was in until just recently, in which many of the people focused on making each other feel stupid. (Imagine how much worse it was for me, a lover of the evil Continental tradition!)

    Definitely keep me in the loop about this conference.

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