house keeping

as i’m currently trying to get a part-time teaching gig in the states for the fall, i have deleted some older post. you could easily guess which ones they are all things considered. sadly, a lot less people are going to find my blog now, as this certain ‘incident’ got me lots of traffic….

3 thoughts on “house keeping

  1. christopher says:

    Be sure to check your tail (e.g. Google) as popular things tend to evade death.

  2. skholiast says:

    Weird. Just today I went looking here for precisely those posts. (Knew the blog before, of course, but I chanced upon reference to the infamous Affaire and wanted to brush up.) Ah well, oral tradition is more interesting anyway.

    • skholiast says:

      Not sure if you need to care, but in fact the google cached versions of the posts in question are still accessible (for now…not sure how long this lasts) via keyword search (say, the last names of the two principle players).

      On a separate note, you are spot-on right about Kierkegaard. As you were about Badiou during last June’s backlash, by the way.

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