conference photos, etc

it was a hell of a weekend here in dundee. i won’t go into too much detail, as many gracious bloggers who were in attendance have already shared some detailed thoughts, but needless to say the conference went better than we could have ever hoped for. the only downside is that i’ll likely be recovering for a few more days. i think graham puts it best, and most concisely, here.

in the meantime, here are some pictures i took on my phone during the conference. sadly, photos of papers that i was chairing don’t make it, but hopefully i can grab photos of those from someone else.

james williams + reid kotlas

mike olson + sid littlefield + nathan coombs

graham harman + brian smith

john mullarkey + adrian johnston

paul ennis + john van houdt + anthony paul smith

we’ll have audio from all the papers up within a few weeks. and there may be a material manifestation of papers based on this conference emerging in the not-so-distant future as well. details to follow….

3 thoughts on “conference photos, etc

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  3. SN says:

    Are the recordings of this conference available yet? Just wondering…

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