save MDX philosophy

I’m sure everyone is aware of this by now, but i want to quickly encourage anyone who has not heard (or acted) yet to visit the new website save middlesex philosophy blog and sign the petition and email those who have made this horrible decision. there is also a twitter account for the cause here.

although I have never been a student at MDX, over the past three years of living in the UK the department has been an invaluable resource in my research. I’ve made many friends from the department, been encouraged by many of the faculty members, and have enjoyed and learned a tremendous amount from workshops and seminars organized by their department. losing this department won’t just hurt the university, or even the academic culture of london; this closure will devastate the already fragile state of research in contemporary European philosophy in the english speaking world. the terrifying part of all of this, is that if a department with such high research scores and a great reputation can be closed in a moment’s notice…there is little hope for those of us at departments who are barely holding on as it is.

do what you can in this struggle against the sacrifice of thought.


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