21st Century Idealism: CFP

21st Century Idealism, April 1-2, 2011. University of Dundee

Keynote Speakers: Iain Hamilton Grant (UWE-Bristol), Markus Gabriel (Bonn), Beth Lord (Dundee).

Last year’s philosophy conference at the University of Dundee Department of Philosophy explored the contemporary debate between theories of materialism and realism with regard to the project of the recommencement of metaphysics in the continental tradition. This year’s conference will explore the relevance of a perspective which served as a silent partner in last year’s debate: idealism. 

We invite abstracts of up to 500 words for 20 minute presentations on topics generally related to the contemporary relevance (or, irrelevance) of philosophical idealism.

Suggested topics include (but are by no means constrained to):

  • The use of the German idealist tradition (Fichte-Hegel-Schelling) by contemporary philosophy (both continental and analytic).
  • Responses to the recent resurgence of interest in Schelling (and particularly responses to the projects of Iain Hamilton Grant and Markus Gabriel)
  • The role of contingency in German idealism and it’s contemporary influence.
  • The recent re-readings of Hegel in Jameson, Nancy, Malabou and Zizek. 
  • The relation of Kierkegaard to the idealist tradition. 
  • Contemporary philosophies of nature, and the role of biology in contemporary debates in idealism and metaphysics. 
  • The continental appropriation of British idealism. 
  • The contemporary appropriation of post-idealist figures (Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Feuerbach, Marx, etc)
  • The 20th century French appropriation of 19th century German philosophy. 
  • The relevance of both romantic and materialist critiques of idealism.
  • The role of aesthetics in contemporary metaphysics 
  • The recent turn to idealist figures (particularly Hegel) in Anglo-American philosophy, and the relevance of this turn. (Especially with reference to the Pittsburgh school)
  • Idealism as a potential site of dialogue between the analytic and continental traditions
  • Idealist tendencies in figures such as Deleuze, Badiou, Zizek, and Meillassoux.
  • The influence or relevance of philosophical idealism to politics, sociology or economics.

abstracts due by january 15, 2011. visit the conference website for information on submission.

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