Kierkegaard and the Political

I just found out that a book I am a part of has been released. This collection, edited by Alison Assiter and Margherita Tonon, features six essays dealing with the question of how one can read Kierkegaard politically. My contribution to the book is entitled ‘A Fractured Dialectic: Kierkegaard and Political Ontology after Zizek’, and offers a political and ontological reading of Kierkegaard which takes his relationship to German idealism as a starting point and ends by looking at Zizek’s recent use of Kierkegaard. 

One of the most notable things about this collection is that none of the authors are tied to any sort of mainstream/theological interpretation of Kierkegaard, so the articles possess a weirdness and creativity not normally seen in the often stale world of Kierkegaard scholarship. If you are at all interested in the growing political interpretation of Kierkegaard, check this out. 

Kierkegaard and the Political (amazon)


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