Now Available: Kierkegaard and the Matter of Philosophy

My book, Kierkegaard and the Matter of Philosophy: A Fractured Dialectic, is now available from Rowman & Littlefield.

If you are in the UK/Europe you can order it here and in North American you can order here.

(UPDATE: sadly the code only works in North America)

If you use the code’4eAPAE14′ you get 30% off, which makes this the most affordable way to get it.

Here are the endorsements for the book:

Burns presents us with a radical, political, materialist Kierkegaard. His argument is bold, counter-intuitive – and utterly persuasive. This book deserves to set the agenda for Kierkegaard studies for years to come.

Steven Shakespeare, Liverpool Hope University

Michael Burns, in his magisterial Kierkegaard and the Matter of Philosophy, achieves nothing less than doing for Kierkegaard what Slavoj Žižek has done for Hegel. While remaining faithful to core components of Kierkegaard’s philosophy, Burns sweeps aside accumulated received readings of him and constructs in their place the figure of a Kierkegaard deeply and undeniably relevant to today’s philosophical landscape as colored by innovative revivals of the legacies of German idealism and Marxism. Burns’s transcendental materialist Kierkegaard promises fundamentally to transform our understandings both of the past two centuries of European philosophy as well as of contemporary Continental metaphysics.

Adrian Johnston, Professor of Philosophy, University of New Mexico

Burns’ book is a seminal contribution to Kierkegaard scholarship. He convincingly shows against some widespread misconceptions that Kierkegaard’s thought implies a powerful contribution to ontology and to social and political thought. In addition to this novel approach to Kierkegaard, Burns defends the most relevant aspects of Kierkegaard in the context of contemporary philosophy. A very good book!

Markus Gabriel, Professor of Philosophy, University of Bonn

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