I am currently a Visiting Affiliate Assistant Professor in the department of Philosophy at Loyola University Maryland. My first book is being published in December, 2014. My next major project is a book in which I will outline my theory of materialist humanism in response to both early Marxist humanism and recent French philosophy. In the meantime I am continuing to research/write on topics like German idealism, Kierkegaard, Lacan and Marxist philosophy.


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  1. Aaron Fehir says:

    Hey, you don’t know me. I just ran accross your blog while searching for Kierkegaard stuff. I am very interested in this topic of Kierkegaard and liberation theology, though I don’t know much about the latter. Very interesting stuff. There is an essay on Kierkegaard and Liberation theology in the IKC volume of PC by Wanda Warren Berry. I also know of a few other places to look. I would be very much interested in helping put together a bibliography on Kierkegaard and Liberation theology specifically and/or Kierkegaard and the Political more generally.

    Email me.


  2. Hussein Mohamud says:

    I am interested in what you said about liturgy and Badiou’s philosophy. I am currently starting my PhD but have been exploring this issues for sometime: from an Islamic perspective.

    The point I want to make, and I hope you do email me about this, is that your criticism, which is close to a Hegelian criticism of Badiou’s empty set, already starts of from the dichotomy of something v nothing. I had similar criticism of Badiou and it was only later on I realized, after reading set theory then going back to Badiou’s work, that the empty set takes place beyond the initial premises of classical ontology of the something, nothing, being , becoming etc.

    What do you think? Am I right in saying this or have you thought through it yourself. Because if you have I will like to discuss.

  3. skholiast says:


    Stumbled on your perceptive reflections on Badiou and liturgy while in the process of working on some similar-but-different arguments (reading Badiou vis-a-vis Plato’s musicology, and William Desmond). I’m a former philosophy student who left academia. Now I teach grade school kids; but I just keep at philosophy/theology like a bad habit.

    I liked the way you did with Badiou more or less what Pickstock did with Derrida… though for the life of me I can’t see why it took so long for anyone to do what she did with Derrida.

    I see Badiou was sort of the Spinoza or the Averrroes of our day: he is coherently and formidably formulating the most recent version of the totalizing view, a view without horizon, essentially the bracing, view of the Stoa, cross-bred with Epicurus (the event as clinamen). In that sense, his thought is almost the latest edition of the so-called perennial philosophy!

    I also have a number of questions about B’s reliance on *either* Set Theory *or* Category theory, when it comes to describing the event as the void of the situation; it seems you may have thought some of this through yourself.

    I also appreciated your link to the post at Poetix about Meillassoux’s ‘Spectral Dilemma’. I haven’t been able to lay my hands on the original article by Q.M., so I am glad for all the secondary remarks I can get; but this most recent one was by far the best synopsis.

    I would love to be in touch to compare notes re. Badiou, Meillassoux, or philosophy in general. The fourth graders are great, but most are not so ready to discuss Marx or Radical Orthodoxy yet.

  4. Hey, I just came across your blog and see that you happen to share the miseries of northeastern Scotland! I’m currently at Aberdeen and working on developing a dialogue between the Badiou, Lacan/Zizek, Meillassoux school (if it indeed can be labeled as such) and the revisionist school of Karl Barth. I’m not sure if you’re at all interested in theology of the somewhat orthodox variety (and I use ‘somewhat’ in the strongest sense), but if so, then I’d love to get in touch sometime. No one here appreciates contemporary continental philosophy in the least, so it would be nice to find a friend.

  5. impleri says:

    Perhaps we could all start a “cool continental philosophy club” in Scotland. I came across your blog somehow (a mysterious bird–I don’t remember!), but I’m in the “Scottish tropics” of Glasgow working on a dialogue between the French folk of philosophy and “theology” (in the most abstract form). We had Badiou over here in February, but I don’t think many people from here (except for the people who organised it) actually knew who he was!

  6. michaeloneillburns says:

    Your project sounds really interesting. I was actually at that event in Glasgow and blogged about it a bit here. There is a guy in my department based in Glasgow working on setting up some sort of continental philosophy network in Glasgow, so I can put you in touch w/ him if you’re interested. And we’re doing a postgraduate conference in recent continental philosophy here at Dundee in the spring, so you should definitely bring the glasgow contingent and come along!

  7. Nathan Coombs says:


    Thanks for this really interesting blog; it’s a wonder to see so many of my own questions and thoughts about Badiou’s ‘Logics of Worlds’ (even in regard to specific lines) dealt with here.

    I’m writing because I would be interested in presenting at the conference you are organizing at Dundee for next March. Specifically I would like to present about John Milbank’s ontology, which has lately been laid out in ‘The Monstrosity of Christ’ and its relation and points of divergence with the ‘Paulian materialism’ of Zizek’s.

    I am PhD student, studying the procedure of a how an event becomes part of history, using Badiou and Gadamer. I have published in the International Journal of Zizek Studies and book reviews in Radical Philosophy. I am currently working on a journal article along the lines of my conference paper pitch.

    Best Wishes

    Nathan Coombs

  8. Jacquelyn says:

    I’m just getting started studying the concept of affect. Can you let me know of a few resources off the top of your head that could be useful to a new grad student trying to gain a foothold in this area?

    Please do email me! Thanks for the post.

  9. zuly says:

    Hi there,
    I like your blog. Just went through the comments and noticed you mentioning about a glasgow network re continental philosophy. In particular I am interested about speculative realism. I wonder if could give me some more info about the network you mentioned. I will be starting my phd soon here in glasgow.
    Many thanks.I like your blog and urbanomic.

  10. michaeloneillburns says:

    There is no real network that has been set up, but there are a fair amount of continental philosophy events happening in Scotland, particularly here in Dundee. Feel free to shoot me an email (mykeburns [at] gmail [dot] com) and I can try to steer you in the right direction.

  11. zuly says:

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for the reply and the email address. I will indeed get in touch again.
    bye for now

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