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Laruelle audio/reflections

Mr. Anthony Paul Smith has posted both his reflections, and the audio from, last week’s event featuring Francois Laruelle, John Mullarkey, Philip Goodchild, John Milbank, and Smith himself. You can check it all out here.

As someone who was lucky enough to attend the event (and according to one of the commentators, lucky enough to have my promising future as a theologian ruined by Mr. Smith), and as someone who has not been quite sure what to think about Laruelle yet, I can’t recommend giving these files a listen enough. I’ve read most things in english by Laruelle, but felt like this presentation (and Smith’s introduction) finally helped me wrap my head around just what non-philosophy (or as Laruelle is now calling it, non-standard-philosophy) is.

And finally, for those not already aware, Smith’s translation of Laruelle’s Future Christ is coming out soon with continuum, check out the details here.

Laurelle…in Rome??

Well, according to the updated conference poster, the internet sensation Francois Laruelle will be presenting at the Grandeur of Reason conference in Rome this September. Although many on the interweb were quite skeptical about this conference intially, we now have a speculative realism panel (featuring Grant and Meillassoux), a presentation by Francois Laurelle, as well as Zizek, Agamben, John Mullarkey, and James Williams. Should be a great time, and hopefully those of us attending will have the common sense to get some audio/video/notes and post them on the internets soon afterwards.